Chelsea Chew: What's Our Reach?

The Chelsea Chew initiative was created as a community-wide restaurant

event that encourages consumers to support local businesses in Chelsea.


This initiative will help local restaurants gain publicity for your business,

start a dialogue among local restaurants in Chelsea, and cement these

businesses as part of the Chelsea community.

For the past two years, the Chamber ran an initiative called ShopBleecker 

that accomplished the following:​​

Website created with over 10,000 visits

New Instagram account which received over 15,000 likes

and 3,222 followers in three months


Generated $80,000 worth of receipts for stores for the raffle


Garnered the support of over 80 businesses

Raised over $55,000 dollars to fund the project

Pushed the legislative reform - Overhauled the Commercial Rent Tax

Digital impression for 2018's Shop Bleecker was 970,000

Printed Impression for 2018's Shop Bleecker was 750,000

We plan to replicate these successes for Chelsea Chew!